my little red rose

I'm easily get inspired but inplemintation of my ideas not always reach desired point. This is the second attempt to paint that rose that was more successful than the first one. Got good responses on Instagram:)

continue my drawing practice

I heard drawing from cast heads would be a very good practice so I found some photos on internet and started drawing them.

daffodils exercise

Same story - trying to repeat after demos.

quickest still life

Just pushing myself to do it quicker and what is so interesting - I like it even more:)

water and clouds exercise

Inspired by a wonderful Russian artist Irina Sart - recently discovered on YouTube.

metal objects exercise

Inspired by a wonderful Russian watercolour artist Irina Sart - recently discovered on YouTube. It was quite a challenge.

more oils

More practice with oils. Following steps shown in Svetlana Rodionova's demo. My painting has a lot of wrong things (starting with composition). Next time I'll paint smaller things.

inspired by oils

Inspired by a wonderful Russian artist Svetlana Rodionova. I watched several YouTube videos and was absolutely wrapped in this. Svetlana is very generous and shows all steps. Mine is not so good but I enjoyed the process and of course I hope getting better:)

dancing brush

Inspired by the demo by Rae Andrews watched on Youtube. The paper is very poor and the paints get soaked in...

dancing brush

A bit of loose work - without pencil sketch. Just imagination:)

yellow world #2

Very heavily overworked:(( I was hoping to achieve more interesting painting. It shows I'm still not ready:)

knowing your colours

I had to do this exercise to see what combinations I could achieve with my new set of Winosr&Newton. One A3 sheet wasn't enough and I had to continue on additional A4 sheet. But... did I learn anything? Hmmmm...:)))

another rose

My greens always bother me. I concentrate of rose and its petals but what is around it it's just a nuisance for me. So I decided to use blues instead of greens.

works towards SES

Back to my Crimson Rosellas - this painting will be submitted for "Figurative" section.

Sydney sails #2

Hoping for better result this time!:)

works towards Rose Festival exhibition

Another overworked painting - still getting experience:)

still waters

One of the paintings for SES 2019. I think it looks quite good in monotone... but it's going to change...

upside down check

It is such a shame I didn't notice the obvious before finishing this work. The canvas was repared and the repare spot was a bit obvious. So I can't put it in Rose Festival Exhibition unfortunately.

developing new painting

Working very fast - blocking the main areas with colours.

just a little watercolour

A make up scene. Trying to be easy on brushstrokes and colours.

daffodils in miniature sise

It's under 8x8cm so as per miniature standards. It is very hard to consentrate on tones and details in the same time.

painting day

This was painted at the GDAS painting days on Thursdays when still at Angels...

my watercolours

inspired to paint

This miniature was done after visiting a small place called Gundaroo. I wonder why my colours are so dull?

the boats

I can't remember where I took the photo for this work. I really enjoy painting boats:)

post card from January workshop

During the workshop in Summer School organised by ASOC our tutor asked me to do a postcard based on the painting we were doing.

tonal sketch

Trying to have right tones and it's better to do in monotone.

Mccann's watercolour workshop

Lucy and Barry Mccann are great tutors - incredible style, so generous! I really enjoyed this experience in Summer School organised by ASOC this January.

commissioned to paint glacier

I never painted a glacier. But it was a task and I researched on internet some photos. I hope I succeeded:)

works towards exhibition

Cherry blossoms were the inspiration. I try to work very loosly in acrylics and it means - lots of water. I keep the canvas flat and spray it, then brushstrokes go easier on it. There is a danger of too thin paint. Later I coped it and I had to repaint some areas.