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18 April - 30 May 2015


Solo Exhibition at the Goulburn Club, 19 Market St, Goulburn NSW 2580

"The main inspirations for the project were my own memories and old photographs. On questioning how much people remember about their childhood I selected several of my own memories and then visualised them. I find the longer I live the thicker the layer that separates me from that time. Some stories could be relatively clear but for me in general everything is blended into one big mass of old time. I wonder if other people experience the same thing with their memories - memories getting transformed, distorted and eventually faded. The multi-layering of the images reflects the complexity of the subject.
The subject of water carries a contemplative notion and as well the water surface represents a layer that separates us in the present from us in the past. The memories could describe non-important events but for some reason they could stay in people's minds for a long time.

Doing this project I was interested in transformation of people's perception of their own childhood through their present age. The format of the realistic abstract form was the most appropriate to represent such a theme. I have chosen this method so the paintings are not written in the first person but, rather, they can appeal to any viewer who is then encouraged to think of their own distant memories.

This exhibition is a bit more specific than generic images of birds or flowers as I did in the past but it offers an interesting challenge with more conceptual works and in which I hope to succeed."

© Ekaterina Mortensen
6 April 2015


23 April - 26 May 2014

Red centre: Something to Remember

Artist of the month solo exhibition - Gallery on Track, Goulburn NSW 2580

Sumbols of Comfort

"The inspiration for the creation of this series of landscapes was an art oriented journey to Central Australia in
2012. The works are a reflection of the artist's interest in the natural environment along with the impact of modern
human impact on it. The project "Red Centre: Something to Remember" focuses on the complexity of an ancient
landscape that is a modern tourist attraction.

The works are based on the artist's memories and photographs taken during the trip. Analysis of them allowed
for classifying what was considered as the main characteristics of natural and non-natural features.
The series explores the spirit of the place, its monumentality, its wildlife and its coexistence with signs of repeated
human presence caused by vast numbers of tourists attracted by the vitality and enormity of the natural landscape.
Observation of reality necessitated the generation of thoughts as to how people affect the natural environment
for their convenience and safety along with protection of certain specific sites.

Use of nontraditional supports creates textures reminiscent of rocks and allusions to indigenous rock art. Modern
technological materials such as foil and cling wrap create a tension in opposition with the scenes depicted in the
works and may remind the viewer of packaging rubbish left at tourist sites and along roads.
By showing a variety of natural features of and human influences on this magnificent Central Australian landscape
the works reflect its changing state to satisfy modern tourism.."

© Ekaterina Mortensen
20 April 2014

2012 - 2013 information is coming ...

15 - 28 August 2011


TAP Gallery, 45 Burton St (Cnr of Palmer and Burton Sts) Darlinghurst.

1st day of Exhibition

1st day of Exhibition

1st day of Exhibition

1st day of Exhibition

1st day of Exhibition

1st day of Exhibition

1st day of Exhibition

Roman Relicts - Abstract. 2011

Roman Relicts - Abstract. 2011

Roman Relicts - Abstract. 2011

Roman Relicts - Abstract. 2011

29th April - 13th May 2011

Group exhibition: it started with a whisper

Group exhibition at Collingwood gallery, VIC
292 Smith St, Collingwood, VIC

Roman Relicts - Abstract. 2011

Roman Relicts - Abstract. 2011

Roman Relicts - Abstract. 2011

Roman Relicts - Abstract. 2011

Roman Relicts - Abstract. 2011

11-24 May 2009

Southern Belles

Joint Exhibition of art by Lesley Dimmick and Ekaterina Mortensen at TAP Gallery

11 May 2009. Exhibition setup

11 May 2009. Exhibition setup

11 May 2009. Exhibition setup

16 May 2009

12-22 September 2008

Spring Equinox Salon 2008

Botanic Gardens Spring Show at the Palm House


16th August - 30th August 2008

Whoartthou Group Exhibition

Shop 111 Town Centre, Gosford

26 March - 13 April 2008

Entry for Archibald 2008

at TAP Gallery , Sydney

14 February - 4 March 2008

3 paintings in Shed Nudes Exhibition

at The Artists Shed, 14 Foster St Queanbeyan

February 2008

second prize in miniatures

at Canberra Royal Show 2008

November - December 2007

4th Solo Exhibition. 2007
"Our Feathered Friends"

Goulburn Club, Goulburn

October 2007

1st Prize in Oils section

Painting " Wippet" won the 1st Prize in Oils Section
in Annual Goulburn Traditional Art Exhibition 2007

April - May 2007

Sun Herald Camberwell Annual Exhibition

2 painting " Sails, steps and sails" and " Glowing Rose" excepted in Camperwell Exhibition 2007

October 2006

2nd Prize in Other Media Section

Painting " Rosella in the potato vain" won the 2nd Prize in Other Media Section
in Annual Goulburn Traditional Art Exhibition 2007

September 2006

Presentation to Goulburn Mulwaree Council

Painting "Goulburn - the law town" presented to Mayor Paul Stephenson at my Katya's Citizenship Ceremony on 30th September 2006.

September 2006

Four Little Girls. Picasso Play theme. Group exhibition 2006

Lieder Theatre, Goulburm

September - October 2006

2006 Goulburn Art Award Exhibition

22 September - 3 October 2006

April-May 2006

3rd SOLO EXHIBITION 2006"Flowers & Friends"

Juanita's Studio-Gallery, 35 Asquith St Austinmer 29th April - 14th May 2006

January 2006

Publication in "Artist's Palette" No.40 January 2006

I am featured in two articles in the "Artist's Palette" magazine No.40 (Express Publications) distributed in Australia, NZ, USA, Canada. The Demonstration article "Yellow Rose" takes the reader step by step through my production of the rose in acrylics. The insight article by Justyna Lupa (Editor) is about me and my art.

November-December 2005

2nd Solo Exhibition 2005 "Faces & Flowers"

Goulburn Club, Goulburn

September - October 2005

2005 GOULBURN ART AWARD Exhibition

November 2003

1st Solo Exhibition 2003 "versatility of Acrylics"

Goulburn Club, Goulburn